[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

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Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:25:07 -0400

learn how to do a quoted reply.  i can't read this gibberish.

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>ted, please answer my questions.
>what is the network configuration?
>>>hiawatha.home.ted-doris.fam running AFS 1.2.11 client and
>server Linux 2.6.11.. Hosting cell "bigcell"
>>>nome.home.ted-doris.fam running AFS 1.3.87 client and server
>Linux 2.6.11..Hosting cell "home.ted-doris.fam"
>>>denali.home.ted-doris.fam running AFS Windows Client Debug
>1.3.84 Win Server 2003
>>>nome and hiawatha are connected thru a Linksys EZXS55W generic 100base T
>switch. Full duplex.
>>>Internal class C network with no firewalling.
>>> cp -rpvf /afs/.bigcell/bar2 /afs/.home.ted-doris.fam/bar2 run on nome
>crashes nome consistently. Where bar2 is a volume not a local directory.
>what do you mean by crash?  this has never been clear to me.  does the
>openafs client box (the one running the cp -rpv) lockup? 
>>>"Crash on nome " means Linux Operating system crash on "nome". I.e.
>"lockup". No response to keyboard, mouse or ssh. Sometimes ping
>produces a reply, sometimes not.
>>>"Crash on denali" means Windows server does not respond (this not an issue
>with 1.3.87, just a comment that whatever caused it in 1.3.84 has been
> does it simply stop copying? 
>>>Yes. And there are no rx packets from hiawatha, hiawatha is unaffected.
> if it locks up are there messages on the console that say something about
>an "oops"?
>>>No messages on xterm or in /var/log/messages.
>what happens when you copy the generated directory tree from one local
>volume to another local volume (both source and destination volumes are
>located on you local afs fileserver running 1.3.87 on your local network).
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>>You are correct, originally I created 1 meg files and reduced them in size.
>>Not only does this directory crash Linux but 2 others do too.
>>Linux does not crash then copying from the 1.2.11 fileserver to 
>>/root/filename on the 1.3.87 client.
>>Suggest using a loopback filesystem or manual mount for /usr/vice/cache 
>>to prevent problems on reboot.
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>>i recreated your test directory tree locally.  i am puzzled about a few 
>>things though.  for instance:
>>	#!/bin/bash
>>	#set -x #if one is curious..
>>	dd if=/dev/zero of=1meg bs=256K count=1
>>	cp 1meg "./TESTDIR.TMP"
>>	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/ACMWrapperServer.A021.dll"
>>	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/ACMWrapperServer.A884.dll"
>>	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/CdCopier.A021.exe"
>>i would hazard that this is creating 256k files, not 1M files.
>>the total volume size, after running ./mkdirs, ./mkfiles, ./mk1megfiles 
>>was about 5.6G.  is this corect?
>>i was able to copy this tree from one volume to another on a different 
>>server (within our local afs cell).  the servers are amd64_solaris10 
>>running openafs 1.3.81.  the afs client machine which did the create 
>>and subsequent copy, was i386_2.6.13-rc3 running openafs 1.3.87.
>>your tcpdump leads me to believe that atleast part of these tests is 
>>behind a NAT.  is this true?  further, the tcpdump from run1 looks 
>>incomplete.  the end of the dump still seems to show data transfer.
>>the fstrace output from run0 is useless.  you need to install the 
>>afszcm.cat in order to get something human readable.
>>cmdebug from run0 looks unremarkable.  the client doesnt not appear to 
>>be wedged in anyway.
>>conclusions:  i would guess that the 1.3.87 openafs client is stable.
>>perhaps you could trying building and running an older set of afs 
>>server binaries, say 1.3.81.
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