[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

Blake Atkins Blake.Atkins@scholarone.com
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 11:42:37 -0400


Are you having troubles with the OpenAFS linux client?  Are you using a memory 
cache?  Are you using kernel 2.6?  I have been unable to reliably use OpenAFS 
client 1.3.X + Kernel 2.6 (SuSE SLES and Pro 9 - 9.3) + Memory Cache.  I 
assumed I was the only person with these troubles as I would expect more 
people to be complaining if it was widespread.  When using the above 
combination, I would see cache corruption and occasional crashes on the 
client workstations.  Switching to a disk cache eliminated all issues.  I 
would be interested in knowing if anyone else is seeing the same problem.



On Friday 12 August 2005 12:07 am, ted creedon wrote:
> It seems that AFS can be made to crash pretty much at will with fairly
> simple exercises.
> Being a file system, one would expect rock solid performance.Not the case.
> A simple cp -rpv /afs/.bigcell/foo /afs/.home-ted-doris.fam/bar hangs the
> system so badly Linux won't even "halt".
> If there's a problem with windows file names, (Jeff has stated so) it needs
> to be documented. And fixed.
> Those interested in stress testing (or even regression testing) AFS contact
> me directly.
> There needs to be a set of tests run on every release before its thrown
> over the threshold.
> No flames please.
> tedc