[OpenAFS] who has that file open

Neulinger, Nathan nneul@umr.edu
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 13:13:13 -0600

"file locking" is not just around the corner... It has always been
there, and has always worked fine...  If you're meaning "byte range
partial file locking", then yes, that is in the current release
candidate for windows only, and is purely client side.

At best, you could determine who has callbacks against particular files,
but not whether they have the file open. Callbacks are based on if the
file is in the cache, not whether it's open.=20

Now, you could determine if the file is open *AND* locked, but most file
operations do not lock the file. Additionally, well behaved apps will
keep files locked for as short a period of time as required for the use

-- Nathan

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> since file locking is 'just around the corner' for openafs (at least
> I'm hopeful) the question I have now is will (is) there be a way to
> ask the server who has a particular file open. the afs server has to
> keep track of which client has a file open in order to force the cache
> manager to do its callback functions correct? If so, there should be a
> way to query the afs server to see who has fileX open.
> This would be a really nice feature...
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