[OpenAFS] Windows Logon Scripts

Matthew Cocker matt@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Wed, 07 Dec 2005 09:55:00 +1300

Mike Bydalek wrote:

> All I want to do is just have one additional drive map to
> /afs/.../home/%USERNAME% when a user logs in, and redirect the desktop
> and "My Documents" (Start with the basics).
> Does anyone know of a good way to do basic things like this when
> logging into Windows?  I don't see a way to call a login script via.
> the OpenAFS 1.4.1-rc2 client that I'm testing.
> Thank you,
You could use local policy objects to run login and startup scripts.
This could fix the mapping of a homedirectory. To fix the redirection
you could use a script to modify the users registry setting to redirect
"my document" etc, or you could modify the default profile, or you could
use mandatory profiles with the ntuser.man modified (what we use).

run -> mmc

file -> add/remove snap-in


select group policy object editor for local computer.

Have fun.