[OpenAFS] Can't mount AFS on /afs(22) on redhat EWS 4 client system.

George Cebulka ghc4@imap.pitt.edu
Thu, 08 Dec 2005 15:08:03 -0500

     This is a stock install of RHEWS 4, with an up2date upgrade ran as 
of yesterday. SO the SE policy is from RedHat.
     One question: Is the "kernel: openafs: no version for "sys_close" 
found: kernel tainted." entry from my /var/adm/messages due to the 
SELinux problem or did munge the openafs install?

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Please continue to CC: the list...
> Quoting George Cebulka <ghc4@imap.pitt.edu>:
>> Derek,
>>    I tried a reboot and it didn;t seem to help. I think I may have a 
>> couple of things going on here.  1) Is a problem with the SElinux 
>> policy and it looks like my install may have a problem.
>> The follwoing is from my /var/log/messages file:
>> /Dec  8 14:17:22 noc-wks-02 kernel: openafs: no version for 
>> "sys_close" found: kernel tainted./
>> Dec  8 14:17:22 noc-wks-02 kernel: Found system call table at 
>> 0xc0359540 (pattern scan)
>> Dec  8 14:17:22 noc-wks-02 kernel: Starting AFS cache scan...found 0 
>> non-empty cache files (0%).
>> Dec  8 14:17:22 noc-wks-02 kernel: SELinux: initialized (dev afs, 
>> type afs), not configured for labeling
>> Dec  8 14:17:22 noc-wks-02 kernel: audit(1134069442.629:2): avc:  
>> denied  { mount } for  pid=2899 comm="afsd" name="/" dev=afs ino=0 
>> scontext=user_u:system_r:initrc_t 
>> tcontext=system_u:object_r:unlabeled_t tclass=filesystem
>> Dec  8 14:17:23 noc-wks-02 kernel: WARM shutting down of: CB... 
>> afs... BkG... CTrunc... AFSDB... RxEvent... UnmaskRxkSignals... 
>> RxListener...
> Yep, looks like an SELinux configuration problem.  You'll have to
> fix this yourself.  Are you using a premade selinux policy or
> did you create one yourself?  If this is the default policy
> then we'll need to work on this with Red Hat.  If this is your
> own policy, then you did it to yourself ;)
> -derek