[OpenAFS] Questions about OpenAFS "reality"

Leroy Tennison leroy_tennison@prodigy.net
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 06:20:48 -0600

I am just learning OpenAFS and am very impressed with what I see so 
far.  As a result I'm now interested in getting a broad overall picture 
of it and have several questions.

A recent post stated that they had about 7000 users in a single cell, 
I'm wondering what a realistic maximum is (assume 'average' end user 
file activity - nothing extraordinary).  I saw in the archives a 
refernce to 45k and a statement that UMich had 100,000.  Are these 
(especially the 100,000 for UMich) confirmed numbers?  If anyone out 
there has a larger cell or knows of someone who does could you provide 
specifics?  Right now I'm not so concerned with how many file servers I 
would have to have or other particulars as I am about what a realistic 
limit is with a proper configuration.

How does AFS compare in administrative burden compared to the common PC 
NOSes (NetWare and AD)?  Is it more intensive, less or about the same 
for a given type of user population?  A related question is how 
"sensitive" is it, do you have to be overly careful in order for things 
to work correctly?

How stable and trouble free is the Windows client?  (I saw a statement 
that the Windows server was considered experimental and not being 

Is there a Linux GUI for day-to-day administration?

What is the status of server-side byte-range locking?  If this isn't a 
near-term reality what alternatives do people use (SQL server is 
obviously a possibility, are there other alternatives for "MS Access" 
style databases and other byte-range locking needs)?

What are people doing for printing, particularly Windows printing?

What about workstation customization (consistent look and feel from 
workstation to workstation, workstation restrictions, etc.)?  What are 
the alternatives there?

I'm not looking for detailed responses just reasonable approximations of 
"OpenAAFS reality", thank you for any replies.