[OpenAFS] Trouble setting up first server on FreeBSD 6.0

Tony Shadwick - OSS Solutions tshadwick@oss-solutions.com
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:16:04 -0600 (CST)

Okay, I did finally get OpenAFS to compile on the fresh FreeBSD 6.0 
server, with full sources installed.  Simply running a configure for the 
kernel didn't do it, I did a full GENERIC compile using the "new world" 
ways of compiling.

In order to get OpenAFS to build and install however, I had to go back and 
specify this, despite using all defaults:

./configure --with-bsd-kernel-build=/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC

It seems that the configure script expects to find the kernel build at 
/usr/src/sys/GENERIC, rather than /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC.  I wonder 
if this is a bug or a lack of understanding on my part of what the kernel 
build process entails.  I'm a network engineer and sysadmin.  I don't try 
to pretend to be a programmer too often. :)


On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Steve Devine wrote:

> Tony Shadwick - OSS Solutions wrote:
>> I've been reading about OpenAFS for about a year, and administering FreeBSD 
>> servers full time for over 4 years now (wow! Been that long...), and I've 
>> been wanting something to combat the "roaming profiles" that windows 
>> provides, and it seems that OpenAFS would do the trick.  Here's what I have 
>> so far:
>> The server I have set up is approx 3Ghz P4 with 2GB RAM, and a mirrored 
>> hardware SATA RAID with 200GB of available storage.  I've set up a pretty 
>> typical server install using about 15GB of that space, with mountpoints /, 
>> /etc, /var, /tmp, and swap.  The intent was to use the rest as OpenAFS 
>> space, eventually housing /home for some Mac mini's in a call center. This 
>> may eventually grow to replicate files at other locations, but starting 
>> small here.
>> I've downloaded both the binaries and the sources, but I'm not clear on 
>> where it all goes.  Generally speaking, sources provide "make install" to 
>> set things up for you, or singular statically compiled binaries to place in 
>> /usr/local.  This is neither, and I can't find any instructions.
>> The documentation goes on about compiling your kernel to support OpenAFS, 
>> but after grepping for afs references, I've come up empty.  So where do I 
>> need to go from here?
>> (BTW, I would have searched the archives more thoroughly, but there doesn't 
>> appear to be any search functionality for the archives!)
>> Tony Shadwick
>> OSS Solutions
> My 2 cents:
> I love FreeBsd .. my first entry into Unix was FreeBsd. I have lots of boxes 
> that are FreeBsd. However if you are setting up a cell for the first time do 
> yourself a favor and do it in Linux or Solaris  or one of the OS's that have 
> long standing support. :-) . I expect flames.
> /sd
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