[OpenAFS] aklog: build failure?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Wed, 21 Dec 2005 16:58:52 -0500

Quoting Jim Rees <rees@umich.edu>:

>  When /i/ first
>  started playing with it I assumed that when I used --enable-krb5 it would
>  perform an AM_PATH_PROG(KRB5_CONFIG, krb5-config) and search in my path..
> That wouldn't work for me.  I've got a /usr/local/bin/krb5-config for MIT,
> but I normally use Heimdal and it has no krb5-config.  I won't argue if you
> think this is broken, but I do think that if we use krb5-config by default
> then there should be an option to turn it off (--without-krb5-config or
> something).

Oh, that's fine.. I have no objection to options to fix the build for
"weird" configurations, but IMHO "normal" configurations should work
"out of the box".

I would /almost/ argue that configure should always look for krb5-config
and build aklog if it is found, and provide --disable-krb5 and
--disable-krb5-conf to turn those off..  (or perhaps --with-krb5-conf=no)


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