[OpenAFS] OpenAFS with RAID

Horst Birthelmer horst@riback.net
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:58:19 +0100

On Dec 28, 2005, at 3:54 PM, John Hascall wrote:
>> Well that's what i was originally wondering, can AFS provide the  
>> ability
>> to replicate the contents of one fileserver to others which can be  
>> used
>> redundantly. It appears not at all; I'd still like to use AFS but  
>> I do
>> think i'm going to have to go NFS and then some sort of faux raid  
>> 1 for
>> redundancy.
> Has anyone tried to run AFS on top of drdb (http://www.drbd.org/)?
> It seems to me that AFS would be unaware that it was running with
> a network distributed redundant block device under the /vicepx
> filesystems.

The namei fileserver is unaware of the file system and device it's  
running on.