[OpenAFS] Failover

Pierre Ancelot pierre@bostoncybertech.com
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 10:08:55 -0500

Ok, then, what i am looking for is a distributed filesystem (free of
charge and license (GNU or so)) replication over all nodes since i am
preparing a virtual mail server using keepalived and maildir system. The
thing is users use imap and imaps in a load balanced environnement so
every node should access the same filesystem to r/w the changes, the
whole thing beeing distributed over all nodes and failover.... 

Anyone could please orient me ?

Thanks :)

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 07:43 -0500, Andrew Bacchi wrote:
> AFS does not provide a method for failover, in the strictest meaning of 
> the word.  A replicated volume residing on a different file server than 
> the original volume, would be the closest to what I think you mean.  
> Although replicating every volume in a cell is not recommended.  So I 
> doubt that will work as a total failover method.
> If a file server dies the only way I am aware of restoring it is to 
> rebuild it from backups stored on tape, or disk, or from a dump file.
> Pierre Ancelot wrote:
> >Hi everyone :)
> >
> >I wanted to know how afs is reacting in the case of a failover
> >cluster...
> >i use keepalived on linux and i wish to have a failover distributed
> >filesystem, like what happens if a replica dies or if the first server
> >dies ? ... And when it will get back up, what should i know about
> >re-synchronisation ?
> >
> >
> >Thanks, pierre
> >
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