[OpenAFS] Failover

ed ed@ednevitible.co.uk
Sat, 31 Dec 2005 15:53:34 +0000

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005 16:43:38 +0100
Horst Birthelmer <horst@riback.net> wrote:

> On Dec 31, 2005, at 4:12 PM, ed wrote:
> > Can this not be automated via cron for all volumes every 5min for
> > example?
> It can, of course, but that's still no failover, since you have just  
> one RW copy.
> If that server goes down, you _can't write_, and besides that, you  
> have to mount the RW volume differently, so your user will have  
> another path to the RW copy. That's definitely not what people call  
> full replication of data.
> This is documented that way and AFS people never claimed to have this 
> feature (R/W replication of data across fileservers).

Isn't there a backup server in AFS, or am I confusing that with
something else, such as volume database backup.

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