[OpenAFS] [Q] Creating User space AFS Client using FUSE

Sungjin Chun chunsj@embian.com
Thu, 7 Jul 2005 16:45:08 +0900


Is there anyone who tries FUSE + libuafs? Or am I going wrong direction?
And can I get some info(code, doc or etc) on libuafs on linux? I've  
tried some simple code (attached file), but it only dies with  
segmentation fault on lookupname call, exact location of segmentation  
fault is line 699 (*comvpp = vp;) in afs/UKERNEL/afs_usrprops.c. I  
suspect the size of struct usr_vnode and struct vnode but not sure on  
this and have no idea on how to resolve this problem.

I'm using Linux 2.6.11 and Thanks in advance.