SPAM-LOW: RE: [OpenAFS] Documetation for asetkey and aklog

Steven Jenkins
Fri, 08 Jul 2005 10:43:10 -0700

ted creedon wrote:
> It would be advisable to investigate converting the IBM.htm directly into
> docbook xml. The trouble with the Latex conversion is the reserved
> characters (# . \ etc) in the htm don't map cleanly into Latex.
> I suspect that docbook will never produce typeset pdf documents as
> professional as Latex but the html should be acceptable. Knuth's Tex
> algorithms are still the best.

I've done some work on using DocBook to make both web documents and 
high-quality PDFs. The approach I used was to put LaTeX hints into the 
DocBook elements using the 'role' attribute. Role is ignored by most 
downstream processing, but you can easily write a DocBook-to-LaTeX 
converter that uses these hints to invoke the right high-level LaTeX 

For example, the closest thing in DocBook to a LaTeX theorem is a 
<formalpara>. If you mark up your document with <formalpara 
role='theorem'>, the HTML converter does all it can, but the LaTeX 
converter makes it a theorem.

I have Ruby code if anyone wants it.