[OpenAFS] Compressed source code...

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Sun, 17 Jul 2005 18:44:26 -0400

On Sunday, July 17, 2005 04:51:01 PM -0400 Sir Clark Frazier Hale I 
<xlark@sdf.lonestar.org> wrote:

> Rodney M Dyer wrote:
>> In the original thread on the web page I commented that clicking on the
>> "openafs-1.3.85-src.tar.bz2" actually causes the IE browser to download
>> it as "openafs-1.3.85-src.tar.tar".  This is strange, but even more
>> strange is the fact that I can't do anything with the resulting file
>> like I was able to in the past.
> I've seen this before on other web sites.  I think that OpenAFS.org's web
> site reports the MIME type of a .bz2 file to be application/x-tar or
> something like that.  IE renames the file based on that MIME type.
> Netscape 7 on Windows sometimes does this, too.

We report the type of tar archives as application/x-tar, whether or not 
they are compressed.  For compressed files (tar archives or otherwise), we 
report an encoding of x-compress, x-gzip, or bzip2, as appropriate.

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