[OpenAFS] Unusable empty partition

Hartmut Reuter reuter@rzg.mpg.de
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:07:03 +0200

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Last I checked, Vice Partitions were only allowed a one
> character name, meaning "/vicepcy" is an invalid Vice
> Partition.  Unless it's been changed recently, you can
> only have /vicepa through /vicepz

That's not true: since long you can have up to 255 partitions, that is 
from /vicepa to /vicepju or /vicepjv.


> -derek
> Hans-Gunther Borrmann <hans-gunther.borrmann@rz.uni-freiburg.de> writes:
>>I have one partition on a server, which is empty:
>>Total number of volumes on server localhost partition /vicepcy: 0 
>>Total volumes onLine 0 ; Total volumes offLine 0 ; Total busy 0
>>But I cannot move any volumes to this partition:
>>me@somehost:~> vos move www.natscan.kirsche7 servera by serverb cy -verbose
>>Starting transaction on source volume 537085072 ... done
>>Cloning source volume 537085072 ... done
>>Ending the transaction on the source volume 537085072 ... done
>>Starting transaction on the cloned volume 537091168 ... done
>>Creating the destination volume 537085072 ... done
>>Dumping from clone 537091168 on source to volume 537085072 on 
>>destination ...Failed to move data for the volume 537085072
>>   VOLSER: Problems encountered in doing the dump !
>>vos move: operation interrupted, cleanup in progress...
>>clear transaction contexts
>>access VLDB
>>move incomplete - attempt cleanup of target partition - no guarantee
>>cleanup complete - user verify desired result
>>The VolserLog shows:
>>Wed Jun  1 10:18:03 2005 VAttachVolume: Failed to open /vicepcy/V0537085072.vl 
>>(errno 2)
>>Wed Jun  1 10:18:03 2005 1 Volser: CreateVolume: volume 537085072 
>>(www.natscan.kirsche7) created
>>unable to allocate inode: File exists
>>Wed Jun  1 10:18:03 2005 1 Volser: ReadVnodes: Restore aborted
>>Wed Jun  1 10:18:03 2005 1 Volser: Delete: volume 537085072 deleted
>>and "df -k" gives:
>>[met@somehost:logs]# df -k /vicepcy
>>Filesystem    1024-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
>>/dev/vicepcy    262144000 202566836   23%     2191     1% /vicepcy
>>which means that about 60 GB are occupied.
>>What to do? The server is a namei server. My idea is therefore to simply 
>>remove all files and directories except 
>>Will this be safe?

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