[OpenAFS] Locking issues, Solaris & AFS, kernel panic stated to be due to AFS vs Solaris thread locking order

Derrick J Brashear shadow@dementia.org
Sat, 4 Jun 2005 13:14:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Dexter 'Kim' Kimball wrote:

> Question:  Is there any current issue with lock order in OpenAFS that anyone
> is aware of, or any changes that have been made to OpenAFS to address the
> issue?

No particular lock is mentioned, so I'll guess based on the below that 
it's this issue:

revision 1.5
date: 2002/02/06 23:57:45;  author: shadow;  state: Exp;  lines: +10 -6
DELTA solaris-p-crlock-not-safe-to-hold-across-call-to-crset-20020206
AUTHOR kolya@mit.edu

crset() expects p_crlock to not be held when it's called; deal accordingly

>> 0x2a100671360 genunix:crset+0x24 (0x30004570010, 0x30000a4e668, 0x3f00,
>> 0x30006221220, 0x16, 0x30006001188)
>> 0x2a100671410 afs:afs_setgroups+0x160 (0x2a100671890, 0x2,
>> 0x30001ed7c00, 0x0, 0x3bab, 0x781a0e50)
>> 0x2a100671510 afs:setpag+0x178 (0x2a100671890, 0x4100007b,
>> 0x2a1006716b8, 0x0, 0xc, 0xff2ce49c)