[OpenAFS] Delay caused by loopback adapter?

patrick daniels patrick.daniels@duke.edu
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 09:49:08 -0400

I've yet to fully test this, but I'm curious whether anyone has seen, 
and/or has a solution for the following:

After installing AFS client (Noticed this with 1.3.8x releases, but could 
have happened previously), when I right-click on icons on desktop to get to 
context menu, there is a significant lag of 15-30 seconds, before context 
menu will pop up.  During this time, the network icon on taskbar shows back 
and forth communications, regardless of whether or not the icon in question 
has anything to do with network.  After this initial delay, subsequent 
right-clicks don't always cause delay.  Seems to be linked with how much 
time since last right-click or drive explore.

I can similarly see such delays, when exploring HD structure.

I've seen similar behaviors (totally unrelated to AFS) when having a 
networked printer mapped, that is no longer connected.  That's why I was 
wondering if there was either something with loopback adapter, or 
interaction with AFS.

Any thoughts, or suggestions on how to investigate this cause?




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