[OpenAFS] Current documentation ?

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Tue, 3 May 2005 09:19:45 -0700

It is prehistoric. But still accurate as far as it goes. Especially if
openafs is compiled --with-transarc-paths. 

All the html documentation in the release to Latex and now that I have
upgraded all my systems to 1.3.81 the documentation project can be finished.
All that remains to be done is to modify the perl html2latex to recognize
the hyperlinks in the existing html docs and figure out how to get the index

Currently I am using the release version or the docs, not the net versions.
They are somehat cleaner and local.

Try setting up a small local wiki and cut and paste commands from the html's
into the wiki. Then export shell variables C=cellname S=server.name
H=remote.server.name users='admin me you"
and write some simple "for $i in $users; do blah $i $C $S;done" loops.

It takes about 5 min to set 2 servers up.


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 I was wondering if anyone here could point me to current documentation for
OpenAFS server. The documentation on the website is prehistoric (almost :) )
- July 2001.

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