[OpenAFS] OpenAFS secondary servers (debian)

Wes Chow wes@woahnelly.net
Wed, 4 May 2005 10:32:54 -0400

> I've finally gotten the debian packages to work correctly as AFS servers 
> for a single machine with a windows client, but there's no documentation 
> at all for the process for adding a secondary server to the cell under 
> debian included in the actual distribution, and the documentation from 
> four years ago is just about impossible to understand, does anyone have 
> a pointer for documentation for debian openafs configuration for the 
> second server in a cell? (including kerberos 5 replication, as all the 
> doco I could find on this subject not a single one even said where 
> kpropd.acl ought to be found on a debian install!)

I've found this to be useful... be sure to read all the comments,
since some point out errors:


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