[OpenAFS] RE: linux soft raid for /vicepa

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Sat, 7 May 2005 09:35:54 -0700

Sorry, meant namei but the ext2 filesystem is supposed to work with inode.
(I presume one would want to mount an ext2 it with /dev/sda=noprobe in the
menu.lst on boot to prevent running fsck).

Light load, 2.6 kernel, reiserfs, namei, file server, no client. Locked the
computer up. The /dev/md0 filesystem superblock was corrupted.

Since only RO volumes are on this machine, its expedient to use /vicepa thru
/vicepd and mount the individual drives separately. It's what afs is
designed to do anyway.

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Thus spake Nathan Neulinger (nneul@umr.edu):

> If you mean namei, there's no reason it shouldn't work. 

Well ... with 2.4 I observed corrupt data on linux software raids under high
load. I burned my fingers, wouldn't do it again. Never tried 2.6.


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