[OpenAFS] new infrastructure-afs home and backup questions

Lars Schimmer schimmer@cg.cs.tu-bs.de
Wed, 11 May 2005 13:05:28 +0200

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I'm in to setup a complete new infrastructure with new PCs, new users,etc.pp.

Now I've got two questions.
I want to setup OpenAFS and krb5 for filesystem and authentication.
Is it wise to use linux-user-homes on AFS? And how to let all the PCs know,
where to find the homes?
E.g. 40 users and 20 workstations. Every user should be able to login to every
workstation and get his home. I thought about NIS, krb5 and OpenAFS. Any tips
for me?
And is it possible to setup Windows-documents&Settings (windows home) to AFS?
I want to setup a domain with a win2003 server and clients. Under NT I can setup
the windows-homes to a samba drive. If I can do that with win2003 server, I can
set windows & linux home in ONE home-volume.
Any hints, tips, donots?

2. Backup - neverending story...
Til yet we use RO copies of the volumes to do a 1-day-go-back-backup.
Therefore I will setup the new cell with 160 or 250 GB HDs and partitions in
that size, i don't want to backup THIS big partitions to streamer or else.
It is a pain in the ass if only a 2 MB file is missing and I have to get that
250 gig backup back and so on...
Is there a more nicely way to do it?
I thought about a big fileserver in a different location with RO copies of all
volumes I setup, but thats only 1 step back, and I want to get 3 days up to 1
I haven't tested the backup volume yet, neither understood it, if I find time, I
have to read on...

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