[OpenAFS] new infrastructure-afs home and backup questions

Lars Schimmer schimmer@cg.cs.tu-bs.de
Wed, 11 May 2005 13:37:19 +0200

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Chris Huebsch wrote:

> In the cell I maintain [*], I use LDAP to provide user-metadata to the
> workstations. I do _not_ authenticate against LDAP. That is done by krb4
> (nowadays I would use krb5, of course).
> [*] A school with 100 WS, 1500 accounts.

Yeah, so i need to get to known to LDAP, ldap should be better than NIS. But I
anticipated to learn LDAP ;-)

>> And is it possible to setup Windows-documents&Settings (windows home)
>> to AFS?
> Yes. It is. The project is called pgina.
>> I want to setup a domain with a win2003 server and clients. Under NT I
>> can setup
>> the windows-homes to a samba drive. If I can do that with win2003
>> server, I can
>> set windows & linux home in ONE home-volume.
>> Any hints, tips, donots?
> With pgina, you won't even need a PDC/ADS.
> At our university we have a one-home, one-account strategy for Unix
> (linux, solaris, etc) and Windows (NT..2003).

pgina looks nice. But I don't know if it fully replace a windows server. I think
i need some testing.
Anyone here has any experience with pgina in production? E.G. how it works
together with .NET studio and WinXP and OfficeXP...

> Chris

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