[OpenAFS] lost contact with fileserver

Tobias Pfeiffer BoteDesSchattens@web.de
Tue, 17 May 2005 00:25:39 +0200

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...some days later...

Seems like for my last experience, I simply selected the wrong cells.
Both uni-chemnitz.de and uni-mannheim.de still don't work, but all other
cells I have tried, gave a result, though looking up the cell's root dir
always takes *really* a lot of time (some minutes on a 1024/128 ADSL
line). It seems to me as if looking up the contents of a directory that
contains many different volumes takes longer than looking up the content
of a directory that lies completely within one volume. Do some of you
see this behaviour as well? As far as I understood, this is because
there are callbacks to be sent to the client for every volume, correct?
Is there any experience of you how graphical file browsers (Konqueror,
Gentoo, etc.) handle /afs directories? It seems to me as if they crash
quite often doing so...
Thanks for your comments!


PS. From what I read and saw so far, AFS seems a really fascinating
thing to me :-)

Ashes to ashes and clay to clay,
if the enemy doesn't get you, your own folks may.

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