[OpenAFS] VLDB corrupt? Help

Matthew Cocker matt@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Tue, 17 May 2005 12:23:12 +1200

Chaskiel M Grundman wrote:

>> # /usr/sbin/vos listvldb -server localhost -local
>> VLDB entries for server localhost
>> user.rdun044
>>     RWrite: 537149398     Backup: 537149400
>>    number of sites -> 1
>>        server afs-02.ec.auckland.ac.nz partition /vicepa RW Site
>> Total entries: 1
>> # /usr/sbin/vos examine 537149398 -local
>> Could not fetch the entry for volume number 537149398 from VLDB
> I initially misread your message, and because your cell appears to not
> be accessible from the internet (afs-02.ec.auckland.ac.nz does not
> appear in dns), I didn't look into it .

We get charged for all internet traffic so we have to make all users
access afs via a web gateway to allow us to bill the users, anyway that
is another story.

> One possibility is that the hash chains in the vldb are corrupt. you
> can attempt to repair this using the vlclient tool (vlclient isn't
> installed, so you will have to build openafs from source and run
> vlclient from the build tree)
> run vlclient as 'vlclient -cell <cellname> -host <vldb.sync.site>',
> otherwise it will complain or be unable to update the vldb.
> at the vl> prompt, type 'fixhash unused' and press return. it will
> take 2 minutes or so. You can run 'checkhash unused' first if you just
> want to see what, if any, entries are broke

Do I need to run this from the locahost or over the net?