[OpenAFS] Storing system binaries in the /afs tree (was Building libafs.ko on Debian without full kernel sources)

Jim Rees rees@umich.edu
Tue, 17 May 2005 18:42:37 -0400

  I wonder if it would be inappropriate to make kerberos/afs principles in
  such a manner that chmod/chown would not fail.

I don't know about Gentoo, but I think most packages want to install as

  > A smaller problem is no cross-dir links, but that is usually only a problem
  > for man pages.
  Not sure I follow.  Could you explain?

For example, on OpenBSD some of the files in /usr/share/man/cat8 are links
to files in ../alpha.  You can't have cross-directory links in afs so this
fails.  I just replace them with symlinks, but the damage is not always
immediately evident.