[OpenAFS] Storing system binaries in afs redux (/usr /opt /var)

Kevin openafs@gnosys.biz
Wed, 18 May 2005 20:03:12 -0400

Hi Folks-

I don't seem to have generated much discussion with my last post on this
subject (though I thank Jim and zeroguy and CDC for comments), and (my
apologies, but...) I just can't seem to resist trying once more (hope,

It seems that nobody sees this as worth doing, but from the
documentation, it looks as though this concept was factored into the
design of afs.  Would anyone care to comment on:

a) whether or not they are storing any local machine system binaries in
afs-space (obviously, stuff not needed immediately at boot-time
like /usr and /opt, maybe /var);
b) whether or not they think doing so is a good idea, bad idea, or
c) if someone thinks it's a good/bad idea, reasons for this perspective;
d) thoughts related to permission problems mentioned by Jim Rees that
arise from doing this, and the best way (or some ways) to resolve them;

I've been experimenting with the concept in several Gentoo machines that
are all on the same afs cell and in fiddling with an OldWorld Apple
machine with very limited local diskspace and running Debian, I'd like
to use the concept in order to install a bunch of software that I
otherwise would not be able to install due to space constraints.

TIA for any comments and apologies for the redux.