[OpenAFS] SuSe is frustrating

Randy Lee Schott schottra@msu.edu
Fri, 27 May 2005 10:36:03 -0400

I'm not even sure I'm posting to the right list, but I figure it's worth a 
 So I'm trying to use openAFS 1.3.78 under SuSe 9.3 (Linux 2.6 kernel).  
Believe me, I would've used a stable release if I could have.  So, I got it 
to build for my kernel, I can start the afs service (afs start) with no 
problems/error messages.  I can start afsd as well with no problems or error 
messages.  I can even klog to my cell to get tokens.  When I try and cd to 
my personal afs space (cd /afs/my.cell/myspace) or even when I try and 
browse my root directory in Konqueror, the system hangs.  I'm unable to kill 
any afs related processes(kill -9 pid) and have to restart the machine to 
fix it.  I have my firewall set to allow udp ports 7000-7009(afs services) 
1024-2048(I'm told klog needs these), and 123/tcp(told that ntp uses it).  
My ThisCell file contains only my cell, and my CellServDB file has been 
reduced to just the info for that cell, so it shouldn't even be trying other 
cells, correct?  I've been browsing archived mailing lists and forums for 
days now trying everything I can, but I'm just not sure what is causing this 
problem.  Has anyone else seen this?  Thanks a lot.