[OpenAFS] SuSe is frustrating

Ken Aaker kenaaker@silverbacksystems.com
Fri, 27 May 2005 12:11:46 -0500

>On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 10:36:03AM -0400, Randy Lee Schott wrote:
>>> I'm not even sure I'm posting to the right list, but I figure it's worth a 
>>> try.
>>> So I'm trying to use openAFS 1.3.78 under SuSe 9.3 (Linux 2.6 kernel).  
>>> Believe me, I would've used a stable release if I could have.  So, I got it 
>>> to build for my kernel, I can start the afs service (afs start) with no 
>>> problems/error messages.  I can start afsd as well with no problems or 
>>> error messages.  I can even klog to my cell to get tokens.  When I try and 
>I am using the packaged openafs that suse put in 9.3. It is openafs
>1.3.78... I had to make some changes the suses configuration scripts,
>but it all works fine. I am using the smp kernel as well.
> on a dell precision dual xeon box.
>I attempted to compile openafs 1.3.8x, but if the make fails beyond
>the ./configure, make, make install, I don't know enough to fix
>things. Well, the build failed. Which is why I used the suse openafs
>rpms. It was a big enough pain to fix their scripts.
>why not just use the suse rpms since they are the same version you
>mention above?

I've been getting decent results on SuSE 9.3 running the CVS version of the
OpenAFS kernel module with the SuSE 9.3 supplied rpms.

I set the kernel in /usr/src/linux up to build against by doing a
make cloneconfig
cp /boot/symvers- /usr/src/linux/Module.symver.gz
gunzip /usr/src/linux/Module.symvers.gz
make modules_prepare

I build the kernel module from CVS by doing a CVS update, then running

./configure --with-linux-kernel-headers=/usr/src/linux --sysconfdir=/etc/openafs
make only_libafs

Then I copy the libafs ko file into /lib/modules/'uname -r`/extra/libafs.ko

I'm curious about what you had to change in the SuSE init scripts? The 
only changes I had to
make to configure were in /etc/sysconfig/afs-client, where I set it to 
not regenerate cell info
and to use the disk cache. So, I didn't have to change the scripts at all.

Ken Aaker
>>> cd to my personal afs space (cd /afs/my.cell/myspace) or even when I try 
>>> and browse my root directory in Konqueror, the system hangs.  I'm unable to 
>>> kill any afs related processes(kill -9 pid) and have to restart the machine 
>>> to fix it.  I have my firewall set to allow udp ports 7000-7009(afs 
>>> services) 1024-2048(I'm told klog needs these), and 123/tcp(told that ntp 
>>> uses it).  My ThisCell file contains only my cell, and my CellServDB file 
>>> has been reduced to just the info for that cell, so it shouldn't even be 
>>> trying other cells, correct?  I've been browsing archived mailing lists and 
>>> forums for days now trying everything I can, but I'm just not sure what is 
>>> causing this problem.  Has anyone else seen this?  Thanks a lot. 
>>> Randy
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