[OpenAFS] Release of Kvibille - ACL editor for Gnome

Mårten Svantesson msv+kvibille@kth.se
Wed, 02 Nov 2005 19:42:35 +0100

Since I write anyway I'd like to mention a screenshot of the use of
Kvibille as a Nautilus extension. It's from a run in a swedish locale,
but you get the idea: http://people.kth.se/~msv/kvibille-0.1.png

Also unfinished translations for ca, es and de are included. (They are
residues from Eiciel.)

William John Murray <W.J.Murray@rl.ac.uk> writes:

> On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 13:59 +0100, Mårten Svantesson wrote:
>> William John Murray <W.J.Murray@rl.ac.uk> writes:
>> >    Hi Mårten,
>> >           I like this, very neat. But I can only make it work as a
>> > stand alone programme. You say I need Nautilus Extensions Library
>> > I am not certain what this is. I have eel2 and eel2-devel installed;
>> > is there something else required? Or something to do to enable it in 
>> > the Nautilus browser?
>> As I mentioned it was introduced in Gnome 2.10. I use Gentoo and here
>> it comes as a part of nautilus. Some distributions have it as a
>> separate package called something like libnautilus-extension. For
>> example in Debian you seem to need libnautilus-extension-dev (which
>> depends on libnautilus-extension1).
>   Hm...OK, well I have not understood something. Fedora Core 4
> has  nautilus-2.10.0-4 which includes nautilus-devel and
> libnautilus-extension.so

Looking at http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/6/idpl/1953075 it do
seem like you should have all the right stuff installed.

> In fact, if I look in config.log I see:
> configure:22279: checking for libnautilus-extension >= 2.10.0
> configure:22283: result: yes
>    So is there a test I can make to see where the problem lies?

If it compiled all right you should have the file
libkvibille-nautilus.so in src/.libs.

To use the extension it needs to be installed in the right place:

(Should have been taken care of by "make install".)

Oh, and Nautilus needs to be restarted to load the extension.

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