[OpenAFS] 1.4.0 on Solaris 10 x86/amd64

Loic Tortay tortay@cc.in2p3.fr
Mon, 7 Nov 2005 18:22:54 +0100

According to Kris Kasner:
> Is anyone successfully using 1.4.0 on Solaris 10 x86 amd64 with Solaris
> booted 64bit (the default)?
> I tried multiple compiles of rc4-8, both with the latest GCC and with
> SunStudio10 (fully patched), and once the full release came out, I trie=
> the binary release available at OpenAFS.org, all with the same exact
> results..
> If I boot 32bit (boot-file=3Dkernel/unix, isainfo=3Di386) everything wo=
> perfectly.
> If I boot 64bit (boot-file=3Dkernel/amd/unix or boot-file=3D'', isainfo=
> i386"), any attempt to access data from AFS results in "no such device"=
> yet things like "vos exa root.afs" work perfectly and tell me everythin=
> about any volume I pick.
I have the same problem.

I submitted a bug report for this about 3 weeks ago but the ticket was
silently closed (<http://rt.central.org/rt/index.html?q=3D22320>).

> Anyone out there running in 64bit mode successfully? If so, are you sin=
> or dual CPU, etc?
According to the information I have gathered, the problem probably
comes from a change in the newer Solaris 10 kernel releases.

I know of at least one site which is using OpenAFS in 64 bit mode on
AMD64, I have tested the binaries of their known working release
(1.3.76) and they do not work in 64 bit mode on a 118844-08 Solaris 10
kernel (they do probably not work on newer releases either).

The symptoms are the ones you describe.

The major difference between the environment where the 1.3.76 release
work in 64 bit mode and my own environment is that the former runs the
kernel provided with Solaris 10 3/05 (i.e. unpatched) while our
environment is more "up to date" and we use the 118844-08 (or newer)

So the problem seems to be due to the newer Solaris 10 kernels.

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