[OpenAFS] Creating user afs : [____] server or network not responding

Leroy Tennison leroy_tennison@prodigy.net
Sat, 26 Nov 2005 06:46:07 -0600

I am installing AFS 1.4 on Fedora Core 3 (base install, emailed 
previously about version errors with openafs-client, reinstalled OS and 
used matching openafs-kernel - have gotten this far).

When I got to the point of creating the users in kas I got the above 
error.  I tried a number of things.  I then changed the IP address in 
CellServDB to the machine's real IP address rather than  I 
also changed the /etc/hosts file to only have 'local' and 'localhost' 
for and asecond line for the real IP address which listed the 
server's name as given in CellServDB.  Now things work but I'm wondering 
if I have set myself up for other trouble by making these changes. 
 Should I create a new name for the server in CellServDB and associate 
that with the machine's real IP address in /etc/hosts?  If this isn't 
going to foul up other AFS things, are there other files where I need to 
assign a new server name in order to make things work?

At this point I'm up to the part of the instructions where it talks 
about copying a non-existant afs.conf to /etc/sysconfig, what do I do 
here?  Is /etc/sysconfig/openafs the replacement for afs.conf?  If so, 
where can I get a listing of it's format?

Is there an installation guide for the RPMs?  If not I'd be willing to 
produce one after I get openafs up and running.  But this would mean 
someone reviewing it because I'm just learning openafs.  Thanks for your 

Things I noted and other information:

When I checked for symlinks in /usr/vice/etc pointing to /usr/afs/etc 
CellServDB and ThisCell I found actual files.  I suspect that this is 
because I installed the openafs-client RPM which contains these files. 
 CellServDB was large and contained what appeared to be well-known afs 
sites, ThisCell contained the string openafs.org.  I created a 
subdirectory, moved these two files into it and created the symlinks.

/usr/afs/etc/ThisCell didn't have a trailing linefeed (as the ThisCell 
containing "openafs.org" did),  I added it with vi - no change in behavior