[OpenAFS] Installing 1.4.0.rc6 version of OpenAFS

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Mon, 10 Oct 2005 10:26:58 -0500

Hi Derek,

Ok,  thing is though that I never got OpenSSI-1.2.13 to work on that =
OpenSSI cluster because of compile errors.

So if I just replace the kernel module I might still have problems with =
other binaries ?

I already uninstalled OpenAFS-1.2.13 and tried to use "make install"
(but that didn't seem to install anything)

any suggestions ?  "make dest"  perhaps ? (I used tha transarc option when =
I compiled 1.4.0.rc6)



>>> Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> 10/10/05 9:55 AM >>>
"Ron Croonenberg" <ronc@depauw.edu> writes:

> Hello all,
> I managed to compile OpenAFS-1.4.0.rc6 for OpenSSI without any errors
> and almost without any warnings.
> I had to change a few sourcefiles because of OpenSSI.=20
> I want to install the newer version and see if that works
> I have the older rpm's installed on that machine, do I uninstall those
> first before I make an attempt to install 1.4.0.rc6 ?
> Do I use the "make install" or do I use te install script to install the
> new version ?=20

If you're running the 1.4.0rc5 RPMs then you only need to replace
the kernel module.

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