[OpenAFS] AFS on Ubuntu 5.04: anyone?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Wed, 12 Oct 2005 02:20:25 -0700

Sensei <senseiwa@tin.it> writes:

> Do you use memory cache? I have only xfs partitions, and the warning  
> frightens me :) Just joking... can I use a memory cache? It seems  
> OPTIONS=MEMORY doesn't work, and I don't know if -memcache is still  
> not recommended...

I'm very confused by this "OPTIONS=MEMORY" thing that you keep referring
to.  What is that, what is it supposed to do, and what piece of software
is supposed to implement it?

-memcache is still not recommended, by me at least, but it does work if
you have to use it.  In my personal experience, it is not appreciably
faster than disk cache and is not entirely stable.  If I were you and
completely invested in XFS as my only file system, I'd create a 100MB
file, build an ext3 file system on it, mount it with a loop mount, and use
it for the cache.

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