[OpenAFS] Can't mount AFS

Jason Frisch jfrisch@tsukaeru.net
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 17:43:45 +0900

Hi Horst,

Thankyou for your reply. I do have CellServDB and ThisCell set.
I think they are correct. Bos picks them up ok, so I figure this is
right. The path to afsd was incorrect in the init script, but I fixed
that; I can't see anywhere there with the DB files.

/afs does exist.

 >I just assume your not using afsdb and dynroot for test purposes
Hmm...is there any docs on this? I am not even sure what they are..

Any ideas?


Horst Birthelmer wrote:

> On Oct 14, 2005, at 2:46 AM, Jason Frisch wrote:
>> I have finally managed to get everything installed and
>> BOS running, but now only AFS will not start...
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> afsd: Mounting the AFS root on '/afs', flags: 0.
>> SScall(137, 28, 2)=0 SScall(137, 28, 3)=0 afsd:
>> ]Can't mount AFS on /afs(22)
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> When ever I try and stop afs, the server throws a "kernel panic"
>> and dies.
>> If anybody has any ideas at all it would be most greatly appreciated.
>> It seems I am hitting my head against a brickwall here :-(
> Your client is started correctly.
> It must be some error in the configuration.
> BTW, do you have a directory '/afs'? Do you have a CellServDB and  
> ThisCell file in the place your client expects 'em?
> I just assume your not using afsdb and dynroot for test purposes. (I  
> might be wrong on this) ;-)
> Horst