[OpenAFS] Can't mount AFS

Jason Frisch jfrisch@tsukaeru.net
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 18:17:16 +0900

 >afsdb: allows you to get the database servers (what's usually stored  
in CellServDB) from tags in your DNS
 >dynroot: gives you dynamically a directory for every cell in the  
CellServDB in /afs but contacts the servers only if you change into  the 
dir of that cell.

Are these actually required? or just add-on features? I didn't see 
anywhere that says how to set them up in the

> I'm not sure you put those in to the right place. Normally the  
> CellServDB and ThisCell files for the server (bosserver and any  
> other) are not the same as those for the client. Most people use  
> links for not having to change them all, but that's a decision for  
> the user to make. It's just designed that they don't _have to be_ the  
> same.
> Since I don't know what openafs you're using, I can't make any  
> suggestions for where you should expect those files.
> (I'm talking about transarc paths, distribution specific places for  
> those files, they can be placed anywhere. That's defined on compile  
> time)
/usr/vice/etc is right isn't it? It has those 2 files