[OpenAFS] OS 10.4 and Kerberos 5 aklog

Ken Hornstein kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:19:08 -0400

>If it would work, I would enable Kerberos 4 for the time being, but I'd 
>really rather not.  Does anyone have any aklog source that builds on 
>10.4 that supports Kerberos 5 tickets?  Or if it is in CVS and it just 
>didn't get built, instructions on how to do that would be great as well.

Did you happen to see the --with-krb5* options to configure?

(Note that I'm not sure the Kerberos 5 options were pulled down to the
OS X branch; they're definately on the main line).