[OpenAFS] openafs drive letter and usb flash drives

David Bear David.Bear@asu.edu
Tue, 18 Oct 2005 19:17:43 -0700

We noted something very curious with openafs on windows xp. 

If openafs has assigned the 'next available' drive letter to an afs
path, and the user plugs in a jump drive (a usb mass storage device)
windows will not map a drive letter to it.

The fix is to configure openafs to use something other than 'the next
available drive letter'. 

So, if a machine has drive letters c:(primary hd), d:(parition on
primary hd), e:(cdrw/dvd drive), and f:(zip drive), AND afs uses drive
letter g:, THEN windows XP will not map a drive letter to a perfectly
working usb mass storage device. The fix is to assign drive letter m:
to afs, and then the jump drive is assigned a letter properly.

I thought this was reallly stupid and would never have thought windows
would be so broken as to not recognize that a drive letter is not

I beleive this was using openafs 1.3.87 but I'm not sure.
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