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Jose Calhariz jose.calhariz@tagus.ist.utl.pt
Mon, 5 Sep 2005 23:13:12 +0100

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On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 11:53:40AM -0400, Mitch Collinsworth wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Sep 2005, Lars Schimmer wrote:
> >Is there any guide available for amanda-afs?
> There's the INSTALL file and the README file.  They're not particularly
> great but they cover the basics.  To quote one of the gatekeepers in
> the thread that preceeded this one:
> "Yeah.  I just wish we could ship something that didn't suck so much."
> >Right now I found the mailinglist for it, found a source where to grab
> >the source, but no guide or howto or info til yet. Even on amanda
> >homepage there is only one sentence about it.
> >What does it do? How does it do it?
> It's an add-on package for the amanda system, which you can find at
> www.amanda.org.  The idea is to add some AFS-awareness to amanda and
> improve on the original AFS backup system.
> >If I want to backup my data from my cell, is amanda-afs powerfull enough?
> yes.
> >E.G. with a 30 GB volume (yes that one is existent), I know I can backup
> >it on filebase, no problem, even with incremental backup. But on
> >filebase backup it doesn?t preserve all the ACL and all that.
> >If I backup that volume on volume base (vos dump e.g.), it creates 30 gb
> >every time the backup runs. Is amanda-afs capable of just store the
> >difference between two days?
> yes.
> >Maybe via a vos backup every day?
> essentially, it performs a "vos dump -time" in order to capture increment=
> differences.
> >Any hints, guides, FAQs are welcome.
> Yes.  In fact if someone wanted to write a better guide to use I'd be
> more than happy to include it in the base package

Have you tried to compile it on OpenAFS 1.3.81?  I had problems and
got the ideia it is abandoned or no one use it.

> -Mitch
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