[OpenAFS] Configuring an openafs client in a realm A, cell B situation

Madhusudan Singh singh.madhusudan@gmail.com
Wed, 7 Sep 2005 15:05:01 -0400


I recently deployed an AFS cell on a Debian server for my research group. Many 
thanks to people who helped me (a lot) along the way. Most of the users 
(mainly windows folks) are very happy with the setup.

I had also configured a client on the server machine and it works perfectly. 
Now, I wish to configure quite a few Linux clients on a bunch of machines and 
am running into some difficulties.I have configured clients on numerous other 
Linux clients in the past, but always in the realm = cell scenario.

Now, I copied the krb5.conf, krb.conf, and krb.realms files over to /etc from 
the working server/client. Set up sensible values in CellServDB and ThisCell 
(under /etc/openafs). 

When I kinit <myname>, the authentication hangs. I have not modified 
authentication mechanisms under /etc/pam.d, but I am under the impression 
that stuff does not need to be touched for kinit to work (which is all that I 
am looking for). And I do not think I need a keytab for a client either.

Any ideas what I should be looking at ?