[OpenAFS] Disk cache on root filesystem / unclean shutdown

Stefaan stefaan.deroeck@gmail.com
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 12:48:27 +0200

Hi all,

I have the feeling I will be shot for asking this, but here goes :)

I have my cache on my root filesystem, in /var/cache/openafs.  It
works, but is it supported?  It'd be nice if it was, because it allows
for a lot of flexibility in choosing the cache size.

Furthermore, (yes, you've seen it coming) I have had some problems
with my rootfs lately.  I have the feeling these problems started from
the moment my afsd wasn't called for a clean shutdown before
rebooting.  But this is just a feeling of course, the filesystem
problems may have been caused by something else.  The nice side effect
was a lot of files in /usr/lib disappearing.

Running openafs-latest, I think was 1.3.86 when I started seeing the
problems (date was 1st of august).  Rootfs is ext3, kernel is
linux-2.6.13-gentoo.  Don't know if it's relevant, but during the
unclean shutdown /afs was unmounted, but "afsd -shutdown" wasn't