[OpenAFS] Trouble compiling 1.4rc4 SRPM

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Fri, 23 Sep 2005 17:29:42 -0400

Quoting Christopher Allen Wing <wingc@engin.umich.edu>:

> We need to start a collection and get you some money and/or x86_64 
> hardware. Seriously, you are suffering :)

Heh..  I also need the space..   Seriously, I really wish there were a
VMware-like solution for x86_64.  Much easier than having different hardware
for each OS solution and having to physically reboot into each OS version.

> The main reason why I didn't like this in the past, was that Red Hat 
> used to ship multiple kernel packages that had conflicting files:
> 	kernel-.i386 kernel-.i586 kernel-.i686
> all installed into the same /lib/modules/version directory.

This is, unfortunately, still the case..  At least in Fedora.  For EL4, yea,
you've only got i686.

>> I've pondered which to do..  The "2b always" can potentially be an issue.  I
>> figure that this is something I can change for, say, 1.4.1.
> Hmm. I guess I'd suggest packaging the OpenAFS aklog since it's more 
> up to date.
> It would be nice if aklog could figure out whether or not a server 
> supports 2b somehow...

*nods*  Suggestion noted.  I'll probably still wait for 1.4.1, but I'll
seriously consider it.  I don't think it would be TOO hard to do this given my
current spec.  I'll work on it later.

> I guess they are afraid of the people who have already built software 
> linked against the libraries with inconsistent SONAME?

I don't know.  Derrick?  Jeffrey?

> I think it's getting set by the kbuild makefile magic in linux-2.6.
> which contains the line:
> 	obj-m := libafs.o

Thanks.  This was the info I needed.  This has now been fixed with a 3-line
patch to MakefileProto.LINUX.in to change all three instances of 
"libafs.ko" to
"openafs.ko".  The result works perfectly.

> no problem. We needed to deploy RHEL4 by the fall, so we needed to 
> build openafs 1.3.x.
> I'm looking forward to bumming off your work again in the future... :)

Heh..  We all seem to bum off each other.  :)

> -Chris


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