[OpenAFS] Changes for Mosaic's AFS cell...

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Sat, 8 Apr 2006 13:41:24 -0500

Rodney M Dyer <rmdyer@uncc.edu> wrote:
> At 12:13 PM 4/7/2006, Sergio Gelato wrote:
>> I don't think Rodney was asking for binaries here. I wonder whether
>> he has noticed that the CVS web interface lets one look up individual
>> "deltas"?
> But then it
> requires the end user to basically end up being a developer.  Who has
> the time, money, or capacity to load up a compile environment for a
> source patch other than developers?

* raises hand *

I have a development environment setup specifically to compile OpenAFS 
server releases for my cell.

If I (Windows admin) can do it, you can do it.  It should only require a 
few hours of your time.  And once its setup, you can likely continue to 
use it for quite some time without needing to recreate it.

Alternately, if you really don't have the spare resources, ask on the 
list and others will likely help you out.  I'd be willing to compile 
sun4x_510 binaries with whatever patches you want.  I have in the past 
provided rs_aix51 binaries to those who asked.

I would not call running an AFS cell an "end-user" task.  The end-users 
are using the AFS clients.

Christopher D. Clausen