[OpenAFS] ioctl on afs_ioctl blocking forever

David Broudy dave@broudy.net
Sat, 22 Apr 2006 13:27:58 -0600

I think my problems had more to do with the vldb getting confused about 
internal vs external addresses. The clients would figure it out 
eventually, but I found that the vpn actually made things quite a lot 
faster (until this ioctl issue, which has me completely baffled), I 
think because the clients didn't have to look around for an IP they 
could actually talk to. That could have been some misconfiguration, but 
like I said, I'll utilize the vpn for other reasons as well.


Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> David Broudy wrote:
>> After deciding that openafs was never going to work quite right with my
>> nat a few days ago (thanks Jeffery)
> Provided that you are using clients that support UUIDs (all
> UNIX/Linux/MacOSX and Windows above 1.3.80) when the OpenAFS 1.4.1 file
> server is installed, the behavior with NATs will get much better.
> The 1.4.1 file server does a much better job of tracking mobile clients
> as they migrate from one addr/port combination to another.
> Jeffrey Altman

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