[OpenAFS] Restoring ownership information of filesystem structure on /vicep*

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Fri, 04 Aug 2006 15:54:55 -0400

On Wednesday, August 02, 2006 02:39:49 PM -0400 Derek Atkins 
<warlord@MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Unfortunately the owner and mode information is vital information
> about the files..  It's like asking "i just rm'ed this letter -- how
> can I recover paragraph #3?".  You should restore from backup.

Actually, the only information recorded in the owner and group is the data 
version, and that copy is noncritical except to allow the salvager to 
recover from a corrupted vnode index, which it doesn't do very well anyway. 
The authoritative copy of this information lives in the vnode index, so it 
should be fairly simple to write a tool which walks the vnode indexes for 
each volume and repairs the owner and group on the underlying files.

Yes, we know namei has issues.  This one is relatively minor.

-- Jeff