[OpenAFS] Migration from Transarc to OpenAFS

Roel Flora rflora@ucsc.edu
Thu, 3 Aug 2006 11:53:14 -0700

I was wondering if anyone has done a migration from Transarc to OpenAFS
recently and can provide some suggestions on how to do the migration smoothly.
We have a large number of existing users and around 1 Terabyte of data
to move. I expect that there will be some downtime that is necessary while
we are doing the migration, but we would like to minimize the downtime 
if possible.

So far, we have installed and setup OpenAFS servers using
the same cellname as the old Transarc servers but they are independent
of each other (using different ip addresses and not talking to each other). 
It probably does not matter, but our Transarc servers are running on Solaris 8 
and the OpenAFS servers are running on Solaris 9. 

Any information is much appreciated.

Roel Flora