AFS backup with adsmpipe ; WAS: [OpenAFS] Code to demo NFS/UDP weakness?

Harald Barth
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 17:49:58 +0200 (MEST)

> Oh yes, years ago we got 64-Bit support included over here too.
> So the term "bugfixed" focuses on the historic basic origin adsmpipe
> version, right?


> Up to now I thourhgt adsmpipe is a kind of free use w/o waranty .

Not quite.

> You're right. Lets see if we find a menial to do it ... ;-)


> Asking IBM for change of a Lic could be a hard long way IMHO.

We'll see.

> I'd be satisfied to see adsmpipe under the same lic
> as openafs.

Yes, BSD-3clause or IPL. GPL would be a bit annoying.

> |Adsmpipe does not set the file
> |permissions right either IMHO.
> We never run into this since (nomen est omen) we just use it in conjunction
> with pipes.

You see it if you use adsmpipe for archive and dmsc for retrieval. Must figure
out how to set user and permission bits in the TSM API (gah!).