[OpenAFS] Windows explorer null pointer v 1.5.07

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Fri, 25 Aug 2006 09:57:42 -0700

Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
>ted creedon <tcreedon@easystreet.com> wrote:
>>Scenario On a previously "known good" 2003 server:
>>Open a directory with several hundred photos
>>Turn thumbnails on
>>Scroll around and view photos, start drag and dropping to a local
>>project directory
>Are the thumbnails being saved (thumbs.db) back into AFS?  I'd suggest 
>turning that off to test.

Yes thumbsdb is definitely updated each time thumbnails is turned on.
BTW no NAT, firewall, etc.. on the client, but the server is behind a 
NAT firewall for the external address for eth0,  eth1 is passthrough.

I.e. the afs server is listening on 2 IP addresses, I've just deleted 
the external IP address from NetInfo and restarted the server and will 
experiment from there.
>If you copy all of these photos to local disk first, does it work as 
Yes, and it works fine using a local windows directory and also using a 
Linux browser to browse the directory (with thumbnails on) on any Linux box.
I'm building the project picture directory under Linux and dragging it 
to windows..
>I can create thumbnails of a directory with ~550 jpeg files, but I am 
>not saving the thumbs.db file.  I can then drag and drop files to my 
>desktop.  This is on Windows 2003 SP2 beta running OpenAFS 1.5.0600.  I 
>am doing this from the console.  Are you using the console or an RDP 
How does one not create the thumbs.db file?

Using Windows 2003 Server SP1 OpenAFS 1.5.07, no remote desktop session, 
not console but using Windows Explorer