OpenAFS web site design help? (was Re: [OpenAFS] FC4 intall problems)

Derrick J Brashear
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 14:47:04 -0400 (EDT)

Todd suggested earlier that the OpenAFS web site is perhaps not the most 
helpfully designed in the world, and, well, I have no argument there. In a 
brief discussion he suggested putting our tools in front of the world in 
the hopes that we might enlist some aid in upgrading, and while all are 
available, it's been rather transparent previously and so people don't 
generally know how it works. This is both a clue dump and a solicitation 
of volunteers to help.

The scripts used to generate web pages can be found in

This is the master copy; The scripts are copied by depot to, which hosts not only the OpenAFS (software) CVS but 
also the CVS hosting the web site content.

That content can be accessed as 
module htdocs-openafs from the usual OpenAFS CVS server 
( password anonymous).

Currently the commit scripts for the openafs module also write to "delta" 
config files which we have periodically provided copies of to the world, 
but they can be constructed from the mails to openafs-cvs; The delta 
config for each delta is at the tail of the message. The commit scripts 
are in the CVSROOT module in the OpenAFS CVS tree. Shell scripts used to 
manage pullups from the CVS head can be found in 

Suggestions and help to improve any of this, really, are welcome. At some 
point we will migrate to svn. Having the ability to copy deltas as 
revisions, and then manage future deltas similarly, would be tremendously 
helpful, and hopefully when that happens the pullup scripts can be cleaned 
up a little to offer better RT integration, making both requestor and 
gatekeeper lives easier.