[OpenAFS] AFS on FreeBSD 6.1

Jerold McAllister jerrymc@msu.edu
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:04:54 -0400

Jim Rees, 

> The client doesn't really work any more.  I suppose I should fix the README
> and the web site.

Hmmm, Is that really the case - the client doesn't work?   Is that just
the recent version of OpenAFS or for FreeBSD 6.1 or is there some other

What is needed for it to be fixed?   Is it likely to happen?  (in a
reasonably near timeframe?) 

I would be sad if was not forthcoming.    More than sad, it would make
life very difficult with my main gateway going away. 

I hope saying you should fix the website and README doesn't mean
it is being taken away - discarded. 

Any help you can provide will be appreciated,