[OpenAFS] AFS on FreeBSD 6.1

Jerold McAllister jerrymc@msu.edu
Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:22:37 -0400

> A few of us have worked on the FreeBSD client in the past, but no one is
> working on it now.  To complete it, you would have to find someone willing
> and able to do the work.  The remaining problems mostly have to do with
> locking, vnode refcounting, and of course packaging.

> If you are determined to try it, I would suggest looking at the OpenBSD
> package builder for clues.  The OpenBSD and FreeBSD clients are similar.

I am quite aware that in the open source free software world, it is
up to the participants and users to do the work.  But, this part is
beyond my experience and knowledge.  Unfortunately, right now, due to
work load and outside responsibilities, I don't have time available
to take on learning much more.   Maybe I can later.   I am kind of
hoping my Emails can stir up the interest of someone better prepared
to dive in. 

> The kernel module is in src/libafs/MODLOAD.  The afs.rc.fbsd script is old
> and unlikely to work.  For testing all you need to do is load the kernel
> module and start afsd.

Hmmm.   I cannot find any MODLOAD anywhere in the distribution tree
for OpenAFS or anywhere on this machine.   This is after doing the
configure, make, make install. 

That (and the use of almost the same name in the 'afs.rc.fbsd' script)
made me thing that the 'libafs.ko' file that got placed in /urs/vice/etc
by the make install might be the module I need, but it's name in the
script is slightly different - eg missing the 'lib' part, so I wondered
if there is some step that needs to be done before it is ready to load
in to the kernel. 

I guess I can no worse than trash my whole machine and require reloading
from scratch by trying it. 

> I have fixed the top README to indicate that the FreeBSD client does not
> work.

Well, at least that may reflect reality, much as I would prefer reality
to be different.